Jovaru 2, Kaunas
LT-47193, Lithuania

Tel.: +370 37 301214
Fax: +370 37 301215

Cargoes transportation

We deliver cargoes 24/7

Our planners are available 24/7.We transport full loads, groupage, non-standard, bulk, ADR loads both with our own and our customer trailers. We work only with reliable partners.

Our customers know, that professional team is taking care of their loads fast and safe delivery. Our customers always have dedicated transport managers available on 24/7 basis, speaking English, German, French, Spanish and Russian.

From the moment the cargo is loaded our customers can contact dedicated transport managers on any matters related to the delivery of the cargo: giving additional instructions, receiving all the information related to the transportation. Normally we give and update on cargo transportation to our customer twice a day.

We know the meaning and value of minutes in our business that is why we react to our customer demand immediately.

Additional Kamida Logistics services:

  • Extremely fast delivery of loads with two drivers on the truck;
  • Loading and delivery on time or even prior to the term intended;
  • Real time automated track and trace of loaded vehicle;
  • Services of three-axle trucks.